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Pricing Structure

It’s a difficult process for a business to find the sweet spot in a pricing structure, to cheap you don’t look viable, too expensive people won’t touch you?. We have found that the best way to price websites is based on an individual request. Each website is a unique living breathing object, a new startup may not need everything that a medium or large business requires, pricing them out is not fair and goes against our “smile a day policy”. We tailor make our prices to each project based on complexity, size, scalability, individual request and bespoke requirements.

Deposits And Payment

We are a small business, so we ask all our clients to ensure all invoices are paid within 7 working days of the finished projects hand over. We also require a non-refundable deposit of 35% of the project cost. This covers the digital material required to start your website. More infomation on this can be found on our terms and conditions page.

How long will my project take?

We aim to build all projects in 2 weeks and optimise and clean any code and security tweaks within a week, handing over the final project at the end of week 3. It is down to the complexity of the website however so this will be discussed at the briefing meeting.

How Many Website Do You Build At One Time

We build no more than 2 websites at a time. We are proud of our customer service. You’re not a client to us, you’re a friend, and friends deserve the best treatment possible.

Content, Images And Words

It is your responsibility to provide the images and text for the site and ensure you have a legal right to use them.  We can source commercially licenced images which we can include in the cost of the build, and we have locally sourced copyrighters who can assist with wording on your site, but their charges are there own and Green Turtles has no influence over them. A great place for free commercially used images is Pixaby, they have a good selection of licenced images that may be suitable for your project. For paid images, Shutterstock is very good (but can be expensive so be warned).

Image Sizes

Image sizes vary per project, this can be discussed at the time of the briefing.

Preparing Your Images.

We will prepare your images for your website. We do operate a fair use policy, however, and ask you to be reasonable, If your website is on the larger scale, with more than 25 images we may ask you to prepare them for us or provide you with a quote to prepare them in a house. Most sites do not have more than 25 images across the site.

Sending Images Text, Ideas ETC

We have a very organised structure in Green Turtles, it allows us to keep a clean workflow of each project. We will provide each business with a personal 20gb storage space on our Google Drive, for the length of the project. Inside each storage space, we will create sub folders labelled pages, revisions, content etc. You can upload your raw images to the necessary folders within Google Drive. Google Drive is free and easy to use. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IMAGES ATTACHED TO WORD DOCUMENTS ETC, we need the raw images so we can prepare them for your website.


We want to encourage you to be as much of this project as possible. It’s your project were just building it for you, and we want you to be incredibly proud and happy with your website. We ask you to be brutal with us if you’re not happy please say, what we like in a design may not match your taste or requirements. We will revise your website (within reason) to match your requirements as possible.


A website is a big project for all businesses and even the smallest sites can morph into large projects. We ask that you communicate with us regularly. Each day we don’t hear from you add 3 additional days to a build. We have a variety of ways to chat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger, Whats App, Email and Phone. Your feedback is invaluable, and your input throughout the build is what makes our projects run as smoothly as they do, and produce the results we have managed to achieve.

Project Management With Trello

What made our business so successful, is our organisation, we use Trello to manage each project. It’s free to use, and allows us to create simple checklists, and communicate openly and freely to discuss changes, things we like, don’t like and act as an open discussion between each project.